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Brother QL700 Label Printer Supplies

If you are searching for ways to cut office tasks in half, then explore the options available with the Brother Ptouch® QL700 Printer supplies from The QL700 gives you a couple of different options. First off, the Brother QL700 line offers die-cut, pre-sized drop-in labels that can be utilized in your home of office printer. The Brother Ptouch® QL700 selection of labels gives you several different options for standard office uses. You will find standard address labels that will work for mailing lists, holiday cards, monthly bills and even payroll. Shipping labels are available for packages and also can work for larger mailing envelopes.

If you need file folder labels to finally organize the file cabinet, the QL700 has while file folder labels. Need to label films, discs or videos? Use the Brother DK1207 labels for CD/DVD Film labels. The Brother QL 700 line also provides you with different die-cut, pre-sized shaped labels. Use circle labels or even squares. They’re a fun way to keep the pantry and even the fridge neat and tidy. Round labels are great for pricing retail items in a store or at a garage sale. Need labels that are a little bit longer than the usual sizes available? Try using one of Brother Ptouch® QL continuous roll labels. Simply cut the desired length.

When you need to provide safety labels such as caution or fragile, Brother makes a continuous removable roll of paper tape labels. Yellow will certainly get people’s attention. However, it is available in white as well. Brother Ptouch® Printer supplies really do anticipate your every need. If you need a non-adhesive continuous paper roll for making name tags or visitor passes, Ptouch has you covered. The Brother DKN5224 can be custom sized by hand or use the drop in and put it into your printer for multiple passes.

Using Brother Ptouch® QL700 Printer Supplies from PtouchDirect really will make life much simpler and more organized around the office. You will love it so much that it is one element from work that you won’t mind taking home with you because it will help you embrace the concept of order and organization.

Brother Die-Cut DK Labels: Brother offers die-cut (pre-sized) drop-in label rolls for your convenience. These pre-sized labels are cut into common label shapes used for mailing and in the office environment.

Brother Continuous Length DK Paper / Film Labels: Brother offers continuous drop-in DK tape and DK label rolls for added flexibility, so that the label length can be determined by the user.

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