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Standard P-touch TZE Tapes
  1/4" (6mm) 3/8" (9mm) 1/2" (12mm) 3/4" (18mm) 1" (24mm) 1 1/2" (36mm)
tze tape black on white TZe211 TZe221 TZe231 TZe241 TZe251 TZe261
ptouch tze tape black on clear TZe111 TZe121 TZe131 TZe141 TZe151 TZe161
tze tape black on red   TZe421   TZe441 TZe451  
tze tape ptouch black on yellow     TZe631 TZe641 TZe651 TZe661
black on green tze tape tze741       TZe741    
black on blue tze tape tze541       TZe541    
ptouch tze tape black on orange LMeB11 LMeB21 LMeB31 TZeB41 TZeB51  
white on black tze tape TZe315 TZe325 TZe335 TZe345 TZe355  
white on clear ptouch tze tape     TZe135 TZe145    
ptouch tze tape white on blue tze545       TZe545    
red on white tze tape     TZe232 TZe242 TZe252  
blue on white ptouch tze tape       TZe243    
gold on black tze tape     TZe334 TZe344 TZe354  
white on satin gold tze tape     TZeMQ835      
gold on satin silver tze tape     TZeMQ934      
white on lime green tze tape     TZeMQG35      
white on berry pink tze tape     TZeMQP35      

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