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Standard P-touch TZe Tapes & Replacement Labels - Just click a tape number.

1/4" (6mm) 3/8" (9mm) 1/2" (12mm) 3/4" (18mm) 1" (24mm) 1 1/2" (36mm)
Black on White TZe211 TZe221 TZe231 TZe241 TZe251 TZe261
Black on Clear TZe111 TZe121 TZe131 TZe141 TZe151 TZe161
Black on Red LMe411 TZe421 TZe431 TZe441 TZe451 TZe461
Black on Yellow LMe611 TZe621 TZe631 TZe641 TZe651 TZe661
Black on Green LMe711 TZe721 TZe731 TZe741 TZe751 LMe761
Black on Blue LMe511 TZe521 TZe531 TZe541 TZe551 TZe561
Black on Fl Orange LMeB11 LMeB21 TZeB31 TZeB41 TZeB51 LMeB61
Black on Fl Yellow LMeC11 LMeC21 LMeC31 LMeC41 LMeC51 LMeC61
Black on Fl Green LMeD11 LMeD21 LMeD31 LMeD41 LMeD51 LMeD61
White on Black TZe315 TZe325 TZe335 TZe345 TZe355 LMe365
White on Clear LMe115 LMe125 TZe135 TZe145 LMe155 TZeM65
White on Blue LMe515 LMe525 TZe535 TZe545 LMe555 LMe565
Red on White LMe212 LMe222 TZe232 TZe242 TZe252 LMe262
Blue on White LMe213 LMe223 TZe233 TZe243 LMe253 LMe263
Gold on Black LMe314 LMe314 TZe334 TZe344 TZe354 LMe364
Black on Pastel Blue TZeMQ531
White on Satin Gold TZeMQ835
Gold on Satin Silver TZeMQ934
Black on Pastel Pink TZeMQE31
Black on Pastel Purple TZeMQF31
White on Lime Green TZeMQG35
White on Berry Pink TZeMQP35
1/4" (6mm) 3/8" (9mm) 1/2" (12mm) 3/4" (18mm) 1" (24mm) 1 1/2" (36mm)
Gold on Glitter White TZePR234 TZePR254
Black on Glitter Gold TZePR831 TZePR851
White on Glitter Silver TZePR935 TZePR955
Black on Matte Clear LMeM11 LMeM21 TZeM31 LMeM41 TZeM51
Black on Matte White TZeM251 TZeM261
White on Matte Black TZeM355
Black on Matte Gold TZeM851
White on Matte Gray TZeML35 TZeML55
Black on Silver LMe911 LMe921 LMe931 LMe941 LMe951 LMe961
Black on Gold LMe811 LMe821 LMe831 LMe841 LMe851 LMe861
Black on Matte Silver LMeM911 LMeM921 LMeM931 LMeM941 LMeM951
Red on Clear LMe112 LMe122 LMe132 LMe142 LMe152
Red on Yellow LMe632
Blue on Yellow LMe633
Blue on Clear LMe113 LMe123 LMe133 LMe143 LMe153
Green on Clear LMe136
Green on White LMe236
Gold on Clear LMe134
Gold on White LMe234
White on Red LMe415 LMe425 LMe435 LMe445 LMe455 LMe465
White on Green LMe715 LMe725 LMe735 LMe745 LMe755 LMe765
White on Orange LMe635

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