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Brother TZES P-touch Tape Guide

Extra Strength Adhesive Laminated Tapes are perfect for textured and hard to stick surfaces. Extra Strength industrial tape has up to twice the adhesive strength than regular P-touch Tape. It can be used on a much wider range of surfaces and materials. It's ideal for harsh environments and textured surfaces!

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Extra Strength Adhesive P-touch TZS Laminated Tapes

26.2' Long


1 1/2"
ptouch tzs tape black on white TZeS211 TZeS221 TZeS231 TZeS241 TZeS251 TZeS261
tzs tape black on clear TZS111* TZeS121 TZeS131 TZeS141 TZeS151 TZS161*
tzs tape black on yellow TZS611* TZeS621 TZeS631 TZeS641 TZeS651 TZeS661
tzs tape white on clear     TZeS135 TZS145* TZS155*  
tzs tape black on matte silver       TZeS941 TZeS951 TZeS961
  * Discontinued labels

These tapes features an exclusive laminated tape process and standard adhesive. Perfect for everyday applications. These labels stay on under normal indoor and outdoor use, including hot and cold environments. Best suited for smooth flat surfaces.