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PtouchDirect is a reliable online supplier of Brother P-touch® tapes, and we specialize in these high-quality products because we’re confident that they are some of the best on the market today. P-touch® tapes are compatible with P-touch® Electronic label makers, and their laminated construction makes them incredibly durable under any condition. If you’re looking for a strong and versatile label maker tape, few get the job done as efficiently or conveniently as the Brother P-touch®.

Shop with PtouchDirect, an expert printer supply retailer for more than 10 years, and you’ll find all kinds of P-touch® tape at unbeatable low prices. Browse by your type of printer or your specific P-touch label tape number to find exactly the type that suits your printer without any hunting around.  Unsure of what type of P-touch® tape is right for you? Simply contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives and we’ll walk you through the whole purchasing process.


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Buying Brother P-touch® tapes should be quick and simple. But in many cases, the shopping experience becomes complicated and time-consuming. And without the right resources at your availability, you may struggle to find exactly what you need in a timely manner.

Comparatively, serves as a top-of-the-line supplier of Brother P-touch tapes that prioritizes customer satisfaction. For years, PtouchDirect has helped customers in a variety of segments enjoy high-quality products that are compatible with P-touch electronic label makers.

Our P-touch tape selection is massive. As such, there are many options to choose from, which may seem overwhelming at times.
Fortunately, the PtouchDirect team understands that you'll want to find the right Brother P-touch tapes for your specific label maker and will work with you to discover the correct tape every time.

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Furthermore, PtouchDirect tries to offer affordable Brother P-touch tapes so you won't have to break the bank to maintain your labeler. We'll help you find the most cost-effective option based on your preferences, enabling you to save both time and money as you search for the right tape. PtouchDirect also takes pride in delivering a stress-free shopping experience. We understand that finding the right tapes for your label maker may seem like an exhausting, time-consuming process.

However, we strive for simplicity and will do everything we can to deliver a hassle-free experience that you'll remember for years to come. We will walk you through our selection of Brother P-touch tapes, and ultimately, ensure that you'll be satisfied with the end results of your search. When it comes to finding Brother P-touch tapes for your labeler, PtouchDirect offers superb customer support. And with our team of label making experts at your disposal, you can discover exactly what you'll need to fulfill your label making demands at any time.

1. Get P-touch tapes direct to your door - over 100 label tape colors and widths to choose from, getting organized is now easy.

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3. Brother P-touch TZ tapes are the only tapes available that have a unique lamination, which makes the tz labels heat, cold, water, chemical and fade resistant (perfect for use outdoors, cold environments and near food). The p-touch tape labels are extremely durable, have a professional finish and will outlast other label tapes. Unlike ordinary labels, Brother labels use laminated tz tapes for exceptional durability. The lamination ensures that it's resistant to smudges, stains, streaks, marks, rips, fading and peeling.

4. guarantees quality: All our products are factory direct - no third party labels, no generic names - just brand new Brother P-touch Labels factory sealed and delivered to your door. Brother ptouch labels are perfect for signs, shelf tags or name badges. Organize files, computer disks and videos or label outlets, cables and switches. You can even use Brother labels around the home or in the garden. We sell only Genuine Brother products and recommend them for use in any label printer.

5. Need a Label Printer User Guide - we now have them available for a free download.