If you’re looking for affordable replacement printer tape for your Casio printer, PtouchDirect has a very wide selection at some of the most affordable prices online. We carry Casio label printer tape, Casio disc writer ink ribbons and many other supplies that will keep any type of Casio printer running in top condition. Shop by printer model or by part number to find the exact type of tape to fit your printer model, or browse our inventory using our handy compatibility charts if you’re unsure of the label size compatibility. Whether you have a Casio KL60, a KL430 or even a disc writer like the CWL300, you’ll find a number of Casio label maker tapes and much more. 

PtouchDirect offers fast, same-day shipping on genuine Casio products with no middleman or third party labels, making it easier than ever to stock up on printing supplies without spending a fortune.


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Replacement Tape Size Chart
26.2' Long 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1"
Black on Clear  LM-6X LM-9X LM-12X LM-18X  
Black on White  LM-9WE LM-9WE LM-12WE LM-18WE XR-24WE
Black on Blue  LM-6BU LM-9BU LM-12BU LM-18BU  
Black on Red  LM-6RD LM-9RD LM-12RD LM-18BR  
Black on Yellow  LM-6YW LM-9YW LM-12YW LM-18YW  
Black on Green  LM-6GN LM-9GN LM-12GN LM-18GN  
Blue on White   XR9WEB2S      
Gold on Black   XR9BKG2S      
Black on Silver   XR9SR2S      
Iron-On       XR118BKS  
Casio Label Printer Compatability
Printer Models 1/4" (6mm) 3/8" (9mm) 1/2" (12mm) 3/4" (18mm) 1" (24mm)
KL60, KL60SR
KLHD1, KL100, KL120, KL750, KL780, KL1500, KL2000, KLP1000
CWL300, KL430, KL820, KL7000, KL7200, KL8100, KL8200, KLC500
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