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Brother P-touch Tape Separator Stick

  • Brother P-touch Tape Separator Stick
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Product Description

Brother P-touch Tape Separator Stick


  1. Open your Brother P-Touch system's tape compartment and remove the Tape Separator Stick from inside if your model has an included stick; or, pick the stick up from the tabletop. Position the stick in your dominant hand with the long slot pointing away from you.
  2. Pick up a printed laminated label with the backing facing away from you. Hold the label in your non-dominant hand by one of the short-sided ends of the label.
  3. Slide the other short end of the label into the stick slot until the label rests lengthwise about half way into the slot.
  4. Twist the stick handle in your dominant hand toward you until you've completed three quarters of a turn and then, without moving your non-dominant hand, pull the stick away from you and the label. If done correctly, the pressure applied to the end of the laminated label should partially separate the label from the backing.
  5. Grasp the separated end of the backing and pull it away from the label. If you can't grasp onto the backing, insert the tapered end of the stick handle between the partially separated pieces to help force the backing away from the label a bit more so that you can grasp it.

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