Brother TZeS Extra Strength Adhesive P-touch Tape Guide

When you need extra strength adhesive laminate labels, head over to They have a large selection of Brother Ptouch® labels and tapes included standard and extra strength. Extra strength adhesive labels are perfect a wide range of surfaces as well as different types of environments. If you are looking to label outside of regular office or school use, then consider the Brother Ptouch® Extra Strength Tapes.

These adhesive labels have a stronger adhesive backing that has twice the adherent power than the Brother Ptouch® standard tapes. The extra strength tapes can be used on those hard-to-stick surfaces. While flat surfaces always work best, the Brother’s extra strength adhesive tapes can be applied to textured surfaces. 

Extra Strength Adhesive P-touch TZS Laminated Tapes
26.2' Long 1/4"
1 1/2"
Black on White TZeS211 TZeS221 TZeS231 TZeS241 TZeS251 TZeS261
Black on Clear   TZeS121 TZeS131 TZeS141 TZeS151  
Black on Yellow   TZeS621 TZeS631 TZeS641 TZeS651 TZeS661
White on Clear     TZeS135      
Black on Matte Silver       TZeS941 TZeS951 TZeS961
Compatible Extra Strength Adhesive Tapes
Black on Clear   LMeS121 LMeS131 LMeS141 LMeS151  
White on Clear   LMeS125 LMeS135   LMeS155  
Black on White  LMeS211 LMeS221 LMeS231 LMeS241 LMeS251  
Black on Red   LMeS421 LMeS431 LMeS441 LMeS451  
Black on Blue   LMeS521 LMeS531 LMeS541 LMeS551  
Black on Yellow   LMeS621 LMeS631 LMeS641 LMeS651  
Black on Green   LMeS721 LMeS731 LMeS741 LMeS751  
So how do you know which extra strength tape is perfect for what job? Well, PtouchDirect makes it simple. When you know that you need an industrial adhesive tape, make sure that you consult the Brother Ptouch® Extra Strength Tape Guide to find the perfect one. The extra strength laminate tapes come in different colors and tape sizes. Choose from black print on white, clear, silver or yellow background. You can even get white print on a clear background. The easy-to-follow tape guide also identifies extra strength tapes that have been discontinued.

An additional feature when you click on the tape guide is the compatibility chart. The chart allows you to see what sizes and colors are compatible with which Brother Ptouch® Printers. Finding the perfect tape for your labeling job is simple with the Brother Ptouch® Extra Strength Tape Guide.
PtouchDirect also offers guides for standard as well as specialty TZE tapes. With PtouchDirect, you can order with ease and confidence. The easy-to-read guides make it a snap to target the correct color and size tape for the job that you have in mind. Consult PtouchDirect’s tape guides first. It will cut your shopping time in half. Isn’t being organized fabulous?

* Important Note: Actual colors may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently. When creating this chart, we attempted to display colors as close as possible to the actual tape colors but please understand the actual color may vary from what you see on your monitor.