Brother TZE P-touch Tape Guide

At, you will find a fabulous selection of label printers, labels as well as tapes. You will also discover all the necessary products to keep your label printer running smoothly as well as an array of Brother Ptouch® Tapes. To make choosing the right tape for the job even easier, PtouchDirect has designed an easy to follow Brother P-touch® TZE Tape Guide.

The TZE Tape Guide contains all the pertinent information such as size and color. You will be able to learn the exact size of each time both in standard and metric measurements. The guide also informs you what the print color will be and the background color. A separate chart organizes tape sizes with Brother Ptouch® Printers that they will be compatible with. Together, they make purchasing the ideal tape for your labeling job simple and hassle free. Brother P-touch® TZE Tapes are perfect for every day labeling jobs whether you are organizing the home or the office. TZE Tapes are available in a variety of colors as well as sizes. They can be used either indoors or outside though they do work better on flat surfaces.

Standard P-touch TZE Tapes
1 1/2"
Black on White TZe211 TZe221 TZe231 TZe241 TZe251 TZe261
Black on Clear TZe111 TZe121 TZe131 TZe141 TZe151 TZe161
Black on Red   TZe421   TZe441 TZe451  
Black on Yellow LMe611 LMe621 TZe631 TZe641 TZe651 TZe661
Black on Green       TZe741    
Black on Blue       TZe541    
Black on Fl. Orange  LMeB11  LMeB21 LMeB31 TZeB41 TZeB51  
White on Black TZe315 TZe325 TZe335 TZe345 TZe355  
White on Clear     TZe135 TZe145    
White on Blue       TZe545    
Red on White     TZe232 TZe242 TZe252  
Blue on White       TZe243    
Gold on Black     TZe334 TZe344 TZe354  
Black on Pastel Blue     TZeMQ531      
White on Satin Gold     TZeMQ835      
Gold on Satin Silver     TZeMQ934      
Black on Pastel Pink     TZeMQE31      
Black on Pastel Purple     TZeMQF31      
White on Lime Green     TZeMQG35      
White on Berry Pink     TZeMQP35      
Gold on Glitter White     TZePR234   TZePR254  
Black on Glitter Gold     TZePR831   TZePR851  
White on Glitter Silver     TZePR935   TZePR955  
Black on Matte Clear     TZeM31   TZeM51  
Black on Matte White         TZeM251  
White on Matte Black         TZeM355  
Black on Matte Gold         TZeM851  
White on Matte Gray     TZeML35   TZeML55  
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* Please Note: Actual colors may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently. When creating this chart, we attempted to display colors as close as possible to the actual tape colors but please understand the actual color may vary from what you see on your monitor.

TZe Tapes stand up in harsh conditions

An exclusive laminate process and a standard backing adhesive make Brother Ptouch® Tapes the best choice for a number of jobs. They stick to practically any surface and are durable too. You won’t have to worry about peeling due to temperature or moisture. TZE Tapes won’t peel or smear because of water or spills and that includes oils and chemicals. These labels won’t fade either. They are UV ray resistant.

Our Brother P-touch Tape Guide has laminated label tape information for:

You can feel confident using Brother Ptouch® Tape in the basement, attic, shed and even the kitchen. Yes, these tapes will stand up to the cold in the freezer. They’re a great way to mark leftovers and meats. When you’re looking for the best tape for a labeling job at your home or office, consult the TZE Tape Guide first. It takes the guesswork out of your search and will cut your ordering time in half. offers other p-touch color guides for: Extra Strength TZE TapesSpecialty TZE TapesM TapesTC TapesTX Tapes

Brother has P-touch tz laminated tapes down to a science and these labels are p-touch tough!

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