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Standard P-touch TZE Tapes
  1/4" (6mm) 3/8" (9mm) 1/2" (12mm) 3/4" (18mm) 1" (24mm) 1 1/2" (36mm)
tz tape black on white TZe211 TZe221 TZe231 TZe241 TZe251 TZe261
ptouch tz tape black on clear TZe111 TZe121 TZe131 TZe141 TZe151 TZe161
tz tape black on red   TZe421   TZe441 TZe451  
tz tape ptouch black on yellow     TZe631 TZe641 TZe651 TZe661
black on green tz tape tze741       TZe741    
black on blue tz tape tze541       TZe541    
ptouch tz tape black on orange       TZeB41 TZeB51  
white on black tz tape TZe315 TZe325 TZe335 TZe345 TZe355  
white on clear ptouch tz tape     TZe135 TZe145    
ptouch tz tape white on blue tze545       TZe545    
red on white tz tape     TZe232 TZe242 TZe252  
blue on white ptouch tz tape       TZe243    
gold on black tz tape     TZe334 TZe344 TZe354  
white on satin gold tz tape     TZeMQ835      
gold on satin silver tz tape     TZeMQ934      
white on lime green tz tape     TZeMQG35      
white on berry pink tz tape     TZeMQP35      
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Looking for Brother P-touch® tapes or other electronic labeler supplies? You've come to the right place. PtouchDirect.com has a complete line of Brother labels and ptouch® tapes, Seiko Smart labels and Dymo printer supplies all at rock bottom prices. Now you can have your label tapes delivered to your door and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. At PtouchDirect.com we like to say: Label More - Pay Less!

If you happen to be looking for a ptouch® label, printer labels or some other label tape that we do not have listed - please let us know and we'll have it added to our store immediately. We price our products as low as possible so our customers don't have to "shop-a-round" looking for the best deal on Brother labels or Dymo printer supplies. However, sometimes there might simply be a better deal out there and if you happen to find one please let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat that price.

Looking for User Guides or P-touch Operator Manuals, you've come to the right place. Now you can download the manual you need from Brother P-touch User Guides / Dymo User Manual Downloads

Laminated Brother tz tapes stick to virtually any surface and are durable enough to withstand scrapes and abrasions. Because TZ TAPES are water resistant, they can be used outdoors, as well as indoors. They shrug off spills of any kind; from water, to oil, to chemicals and won't fade under harsh UV rays. And these tz labels stay on through hot and cold environments from freezers to microwaves. Brother has P-touch tz laminated tapes down to a science, these labels are p-touch tough!

We offer a wide variety of tape colors, widths and styles. Your applications and your choice of P-touch model should guide your ultimate tape selection. Our tape selections include both laminated and non-laminated tapes with a variety of adhesive choices. The information on this site should help you determine the correct tape for your specific application.

Extra Strength Adhesive Laminated Tapes are perfect for textured and hard to stick surfaces. Extra Strength industrial tape has up to twice the adhesive strength than regular P-touch Tape. It can be used on a much wider range of surfaces and materials. It's ideal for harsh environments and textured surfaces! Wow, now that's ptouchtough.

What supplies do the Brother QL Label Printers use?
Brother Label Printers operate with unique, easy-to-use drop-in label and tape rolls. These drop-in DK labels and tape rolls offer the convenience to quickly and simply start any labeling jobs. Brother's drop-in DK labels and label tapes are available in an assortment of sizes and types.

What types of DK labels are there for QL label printers?
Brother currently offers low cost paper labels, durable film and removable labels in various widths on die-cut (pre-sized) and continuous drop-in label and tape rolls.