Dymo D1 Tapes

Whether you use adhesive labels in the home, at the office, in the garden or even on the road, Dymo D1 tapes and labels are made to go just about anywhere. These high-quality Dymo D1 tapes are self-adhesive and made of durable polyester that can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture and UV rays. With their easy-to-peel split backing and flexible feel, they’re also easy to apply in one quick motion. PtouchDirect offers a wide range of styles and sizes of Dymo labels for any type of printer, and they come in your choice of clear, black and white or bold colors combinations to help keep things even more organized.

Shop all sizes and styles of Dymo D1 tapes from PtouchDirect and get unbeatable low prices on genuine printing supplies that are never from third-party sellers. If you order by 3:30 p.m. EST, we also offers same-day shipping on your entire purchase.


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