Brother HSe Heat Shrink Tube Guide

HSe tube is a printable heat shrink tubing designed to mark cables, fiber and wires. It's easy, print, trim, insert wire/cable and use heat gun to shrink into place.


Brother HSe Heat Shrink Tubes – Individual heat shrink tubes: 1.5m (4.9ft) long. 2:1 shrink ratio / 300V / 125°C / VW-1
Heat Shrink Tube
(Outside Diameter)r):
Black on White HSe211 HSe221 HSe231 HSe241 HSe251
Compatible Heat Shrink Tubes
Black on White LM-HSE211 LM-HSE221 LM-HSE231 LM-HSE241 LM-HSE251
Black on Yellow LM-HSE611 LM-HSE621 LM-HSE631 LM-HSE641 LM-HSE651 

The following Brother Label Printers can use HSe style tapes: PTD600
   *Please note: PTE300 only uses tapes to 3/4"

At, we strive to do everything possible to ensure our customers fully understand all there is to know about label makers. And with our Brother HSe heat shrink tube guide, we offer details about the ins and outs of heat shrink tubing.

Heat shrink tubing commonly is used to label cables and wires. As such, it is exceedingly important for both business professionals and consumers, as it enables them to organize cables and wires consistently.

With our Brother HSe heat shrink tube guide, we ensure that our customers can find the right heat shrink tubing to fulfill their needs. We provide details about the different sizes of tubing that are available, along with recommendations to make it simple to find the right tubing at all times.

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Manufacturer Warning: This product (HSe) contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.