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Casio Tape Guide

Which Tape Size/Color Is Right For You? offers a wide variety of Casio labels and tapes as well as compatible tapes in a variety of sizes and colors. To make shopping for the ideal size and type simple, PtouchDirect offers an easy-to-follow Casio Label-It Tape Guide. Picking out the right tape is a quick and easy - just click on the part number that coincides with the size and color you want.  

Just click on the tape number you need - it's that easy!

Replacement Tape Size Chart

23' Long

1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1"

Black on Clear

  LM-9X LM-12X LM-18X  

Black on White

  LM-9WE LM-12WE LM-18WE XR-24WE

Black on Blue

  LM-9BU LM-12BU LM-18BU  

Black on Red

  LM-9RD LM-12RD LM-18BR  

Black on Yellow

  LM-9YW LM-12YW LM-18YW  

Black on Green

  LM-9GN LM-12GN LM-18GN  

Blue on White


Gold on Black


Black on Silver




These labels are perfect for projects at home, work or school. LM Tapes can indeed go anywhere because they adhere to a wide range of surfaces.

Consult the Replacement Tape Size Chart whenever you need to purchase label tapes for your Casio printer. Order during our normal business hours and offers same-day shipping. PtouchDirect can help you get organized because we are too!