Brother Specialty TZe Tape Guide

Specialty TZE tapes are perfect for different types of labeling jobs.  The TZeFX series is excellent for wrapping around an item, perfect for labeling cylindrical surfaces such as cables, PVC piping, etc. and best suited for wire wrapping and flagging textured and hard to stick surfaces.  Then there's the TZeAF tapes that contain acid free adhesive which are great for photos.  Brother also has an Iron On p-touch tape, a security tape and cleaning cartridges all found in the chart below.  

Specialty P-touch TZe Tapes


1 1/2"
Acid Free P-touch Tape: Perfect for scrapbooking and for labeling photos!
Black on Clear       TZeAF131      
Black on White       TZeAF231      
Super-Narrow Non-Laminated Tape: Perfect for labeling CD case spines and other narrow spaces.
Black on White TZeN201            
Flexible ID Tape: Offers labeling solutions for textured surfaces, rounded edges, electrical wiring and audio/visual cables.  Perfect for Cables, Wires, Pipes And Other Round Surfaces. Vials, Beakers, Test Tubes, Electrical Fittings & More!
Black on White       TZeFX231 TZeFX241 TZeFX251 TZeFX261
Black on Yellow       TZeFX631   TZeFX651  
Tamper Evident Tape: This tape has a tamper evident substrate so when the label is disturbed it leaves a checkerboard pattern. Use it for labels that must not be peeled off such as company assets.
ptouch security tape tzse4         TZeSE4    
Fabric Iron-On Tape: This tape is made to stick to all kinds of fabrics so that after letters are printed on it, an iron can be used to stick it on. Clothing with tape stuck to it can be machine washed and dry-cleaned.
Blue Iron-On       TZeFA3      
Red Iron-On       LMeFA3R       
Print Head Cleaning Tape: Cleans print head for optimum performance, good for approximately 100 cleanings
Cleaning Tape       LMeCL3  TZeCL4   TZeCL6

These tapes features an exclusive laminated tape process and standard adhesive. Perfect for everyday applications. These labels stay on under normal indoor and outdoor use, including hot and cold environments. Best suited for smooth flat surfaces.

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Brother Specialty TZE Tape Color Guide