Compatible D1 Tape Guide

What Compatible D1 Tape Color Is Right For You? offers a wide variety of compatible D1 labels and tapes. To make shopping for the ideal size and type simple, PtouchDirect offers an easy-to-follow Tape Guide. Picking out the right tape is a quick endeavor instead of a long, drawn out affair.  A chart divides the tapes into size categories where you can also not the color. 

Compatible D1 Tape Size Chart
23' Long 1/4" 1/2"
Black on Clear LM-43610 LM-45010
Blue on Clear   LM-45011
Red on Clear   LM-45012
Black on White LM-43613 LM-45013
Blue on White   LM-45014
Red on White   LM-45015
Black on Blue LM-43616 LM-45016
Black on Red LM-43617 LM-45017
Black on Yellow LM-43618 LM-45018
Black on Green LM-43619 LM-45019
White on Clear   LM-45020
White on Black LM-43621 LM-45021
Black on Silver   LM-45022
Black on Gold   LM-45023
Gold on Black   LM-45024
Gold on Clear   LM-45025