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How do you Ptouch? The Rose Edition


Happy Monday It's everybody's favorite day of the week; Monday. We thought it would be fun to try and add something pretty and bright to your day. This might be the most beautiful blog I have eve … read more

How do you Ptouch? My Ptouch Edition

Posted by Ivy Lewis on 05/31/2018

Happy Friday & Happy Summer! As most of you probably know we've been trying to really focus on how our customers use their Ptouch machines and the tapes to go with them. With these labels bei … read more

Draw Something - Customer Send In

Posted by Ivy Lewis on 05/25/2018

Happy Friday& even happier long weekend! This week on the blog I wanted wanted to share with you a drawing that one of our great customers sent to us. Each time they order they always have a … read more

How do you Ptouch? The treat edition

Posted by Ivy Lewis on 04/27/2018

Happy Friday Friends! I'm sure it comes as no surprise that one of the most commonly labelled spaces in your home is the kitchen. This space is well used and even more loved. From tupperware to s … read more

How do you Ptouch? Taco Night!

Posted by Ivy Lewis on 04/20/2018

Happy Friday friends! This week I had such a craving for some good homemade tacos! I mean...who doesn't?! So I am sharing with you a great taco seasoning recipe. This will make enough for multipl … read more