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How Do You P-touch?

This is a blog about labels....don't let that scare you away! There's more to them than you think and I bet more ways to use them than you ever imagined, we'll share creative uses, do product reviews, share the good, the bad and even the really bad if necessary. As you can tell from our web site, we are the label specialists and have built a business by saving our customers money while making what they need easy to find, easy to order and then getting them delivered as fast as possible.

100 Ways to Ptouch!

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Here is just a small sampling of ways to use your PTouch!

1. Remote Controls

2. Food Containers - Label Cereal Bins, etc

3. Cables and Wires

4. Light switches

5. Clothing - The TZeFA3 iron on tape is great

6. Plants in your garden

7. Storage Containers

8. Holiday Decorations

9. Your cat (just kidding, doesn't stick to the fur too well)

10. Liquor Cabinet

11. Lockers

12. Scripts in plays/tv shows

13. Tools

14. Electronics

15. Bins for your makeup 

16. Bulletin Boards

17. Wine in your wine cellar

18. Spices

19. File Folders

20. Toy Bins

21. Place Cards at Wedding

22. Mailbox

23. Pet Bowls

24. Address Labels

25. Name Tags

26. School Cubbies

27. Electrical Box - Quick Tip, Label the inside of your receptacle face plates!

28. Trophies

29. Coffee Mugs

30. Mason Jars

31. Hospital Equipment

32. Hot and Cold Water Spouts

33. Travel Size Toiletries

34. Hair Products - curling iron, straightener, etc.

35. Baby Shower and Bridal Shower games

36. Recycling Bins

37. CD's and Records

38. Laundry Baskets

39. Office Supplies - label jars or cans of paper clips, elastics, etc.

40. Bins of Crayons and Art Supplies 

41. School Binders

42. Filing Cabinets

43. Cleaning Supplies

44. Baby Bottles

45. Utensil Tray

46. Band Equipment

47. Sports Gear

48. Tackle Box

49. Instruments on your Boat

50. Jewelry Boxes

51. Microphones for shows

52. All wireless receivers

53. Sound Board

54. Tupperware

55. Freeze Packed Foods

56. School Supplies

57. Fishing Rods

58. Linens in Nursing homes/hospitals

59. Water Bottle 

60. Warning Labels

61. Ice Cream Flavors 

62. Candy Store Flavors

63. DVD's/OLD VHS Tapes

64. Coin Collection

65. Suggestion Box

66. Plumbing Pipes

67. Exercise Equipment

68. Computer Equipment - use the TZeSE4 tamper evident tapes!

69. Pantry Items

70. Canoe/Kayak - Put your name/address on the label in case it floats away!

71. First Aid Kit

72. Sports Memorabilia

73. Library Books

74. Card Catalogs

75. Scrap books - Use the TZeAF131 and TZeAF231 acid free tapes.

76. Photo albums

77. Directory on your Office Phone

78. Quilting and Sewing Supplies

79. Price Tags

80. Logos

81. Garage Shelving

82. Medicine

83. Canning Jar Labels for Jams, Jellies, etc

84. Label Party Favors for birthdays, showers and so forth

85. Gift Tags

86. Barcodes

87. Suitcase - Use Bright Colors such as Pink or Orange, you'll find your bag quick at the airport.

88. Closet

89. Mud Room

90. Paint Cans

91. Display Cases

92. Left Overs

93. Lap Top

94. Ipod/Iphone/Ipad - Anything Apple

95. Nail Polish

96. Postage Labels

97. Brail - Use the Dymo Embosser!

98. Business Cards

99. Snacks

100. Of course your label maker so that nobody takes it!

101. Did we miss any?  Send your suggestions to: How I P-touch (

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