How do you Ptouch? The Garden

Posted by Ivy Grover on 06/12/2020

I feel like time in 2020 has stood still yet flown by all at the same. Believe it or not, summer is almost here! 

While many of you have just spent your weekends getting your gardens ready (if not, its not too late for you!!) you might not have spent too much time making sure it's organized. Before you forget what flowers you planted or which peppers were the sweet versus the spicy - it's time to label them! 

The Brother TZe labels are perfect for indoor/outdoor use. These labels are known to be UV resistant, can with stand chemicals (hello weed killer), and of course getting wet. All of these qualities make them the perfect candidate to keep your garden organized and easy to differentiate. 

As far as garden makers go - the possibilities are endless! If you're looking to keep it clean and simple, check out the garden makers we sell here. You'll notice they come in packs of 50 and are very affordable. Click here or the photo below to shop the label used on "Herb" below! 

If you are looking to get creative and use your garden as an excuse (not that you need one) for a fun DIY project - here are a few ideas we tired and think you will love! 

The first idea we have is a classic clothes pin! In the first example we simply clipped the labeled pin to a kabob stick (who doesn't have a few of these in the kitchen during grilling season?). I used a 3/8" (9mm) black on clear label to show the name. If you have a plant with a thick stem, like a bush you could clip the pin directly to a lower branch or root. Click here or the photo below to shop this label used. 

The second idea we had using the clothes pin was to simply dig the pin vertically into the ground. Most machines have the option to print vertically if you wish, however I thought a horizontal print was still just as easy to read. Click here or the photo below to shop the label used

The next idea we had involved a wine cork! If you don't have any of these around your house - it makes for a great excuse to go get a bottle of wine :) 

First up we took a extra strength black on clear label and put the cork onto a kabob stick. Click here or the photo below to shop this label

The last idea we had surrounding the wine cork can be seen below. I took a dessert size fork and poked it into the cork. I then took twine and wrapped it around the neck of the fork and finished it off with a bow - just for an added touch. To keep it organized I used an extra strength label. Click here or the photos below to shop this label

After some trial and error, I highly recommend using the extra strength labels on the wine corks. These are a textured surface and I think you'll have a much longer lasting stick that will last through watering, gardening, and sun exposure. 

Feeling inspired? Shop the labels we used! Click any of the photos to shop or click the blue links throughout the post. 

Now that your garden is looking good, what are your summer plans? Tell us what you're doing this summer for a chance to win free label tapes :) Email me directly 

Until next time, 

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