Dymo 2000

Dymo 2000 Labels and Tapes

At PtouchDirect.com, choose from a varied selection of label makers like the Dymo 2000. With the Dymo 2000 Electronic LabelMaker, you can create a stunning array of professional, self-adhesive labels that will add an element of style to any school, home or office project. The Dymo 2000 can make a label of up to 88 characters. After you decide on the Dymo 2000 Electronic LabelMaker, you can choose from a wonderful array of labels and tapes to suit any project whether it is personal or work-related. This label maker utilizes tape cassettes in either ¼” (6 mm), 3/8” (9 mm), ½” (12 mm) or ¾” (19 mm). These tape cassettes will print on a wide range of color choices too.

Another great feature of the Dymo 2000 Labels and Tapes is that the print can be either centered, left justified or right justified. The text will print horizontally, but you can decide from a range of different styles and sizes. Sure, labels can organize your home or office, but they can be a wonderful way to brighten up a school project or a business presentation. Let’s face it, not everyone has neat hand-writing. When you use a Dymo 2000 Electronic LabelMaker, every label is going to come out professional looking.

All of the labels are tab-cut as well, which makes peeling off the backing paper easy. There isn’t any fuss or mess. Simply peel off the adhesive backing and attach the Dymo 2000 labels and tapes to the surface. They are ideal for every day uses and won’t peel or fade. Dymo labels are durable too. They will stand the test of time and temperature too. Try Dymo labels and tapes in the freezer. It’s so easy to mark leftovers and meats before you place them in the freezer. Forget the sniff test. Know how old something is simply by reading the label. Labels are a fabulous way to organize your life whether it is at home, work or school. PtouchDirect has the Dymo products that get the job done.

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