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Dymo ID Labelmaker Embossing Tapes

The Dymo ID Labelmaker from is an ideal choice for printing labels for a wide variety of projects. With the Dymo ID embossing Labelmaker, you can organize just about any room in the home or office. The Dymo ID labels will adhere to just about any surface. In addition to adding labels to organize boxes, containers and file cabinets, engage the Dymo ID Labelmaker for school projects and business presentations as well. A label maker can really add pizzazz to a poster. Printing also adds another level to the overall look and appeal of the project. They are the perfect option for those with hand-writing that is sloppy.

However, with the embosser label maker, the glossy finish embossing tape really makes the label so much more attractive. You can choose from red, blue or black embossing tape as well as purchasing a three-pack of neon label tape. The neon three-pack includes pink, orange and green Dymo embossing tape. Once you start labeling, you will discover endless possibilities at home and at work for uses. From the kitchen to the garage and beyond, labels take the guesswork out of locating object. The Dymo ID LabelMaker Embossing Tapes are an ideal choice for retail stores and classroom because of the glossy finish. They still provide all the same fabulous features of Dymo tapes, but with an added decorative quality.

Placing an order with is so simple and easy. If you place the order before 3:30 p.m. EST, then you will receive same-day shipping. PtouchDirect is the fast and affordable way to get all of your printing needs shipped directly to your home or office. When questions arise regarding label makers or even what is the best type of tape for the best printer, simply contact PtouchDirect by calling 1-877-978-6824. A knowledgeable salesperson will answer your questions or troubleshoot any problems.

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