LabelManager 280

Dymo LabelMANAGER 280 Labels and Tapes

Everybody has rooms, closets or drawers that are loaded with stuff whether it’s at the office or home. There are jars for nails, thumbtacks, rubber bands and a plethora of other supplies. The problem usually comes in when you need to find a specific nail for a project or a paperclip. You end up searching through endless containers to find the one thing that you need. Organizing the chaos is actually not that hard or time consuming. At you will find a whole host of fabulous label printers like the Dymo LabelManager 280 that will make it a snap to bring order into your life. The great thing about the Dymo LabelManager 280 Labels and Tapes is that they are so simple to use. Another plus is their cost-effectiveness.

Dymo tapes can go wherever you need to bring order. Whether it is the backroom on your retail store, the storage room in your classroom or a home office, Dymo labels and tapes will get the job done. You will also love the wonderful array of colors. Choose from a rainbow of labels and tapes. You will of course find standard black print on white or clear tape. However, if you want an attention grabber, pick black print on a yellow or green backing. 

Regardless of the color, all Dymo labels and tapes are easy to load into the label maker and a snap to peel. Don’t worry about being frustrated trying to get the background paper off. Dymo tapes and label peel easily and stick to a variety of surfaces without a problem. With the Dymo LabelMaker 280, you can even decide on the font, text sizes and text styles. Pick from several different choices. The label cassettes also come in different widths, including ¼”, 3/8” and ½”.  Wherever you want to label, at home, the office or even on the road, Dymo will get you there. At, organization is only a click away.

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