LetraTag Plus LT100H

Dymo LetraTAG Plus Labels and Tapes - LT100H

What are the top five things that people place labels on? Packages, food, boxes, bins? Sure those are great ideas, but why put a limit on the list? Labels and tapes can take the guesswork out of that mess in the garage, basement and yes even the office. At PtouchDirect, you will discover amazing products like the Dymo Letratag Plus LT100H Labels and Tapes. These amazing tapes come in standard black print on a white label. However, you can change it up and add a little pizzazz by using yellow, blue or even silver. Clear tape is a great option for putting addresses on colored envelopes or decorative mailers.

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to labeling. Dymo Letratag Plus LT100H Tape is perfect for any project. The tape can be used to make labels either indoors or outside. Its adhesive is made to withstand extreme temperatures. So, go ahead and plan on organizing the garage, basement or shed. Dymo Letratag Plus tape doesn’t peel either. Don’t worry about going to all the trouble of labeling only to have them all begin to lift off moments later. That won’t happen with Dymo Letratag tape. 

It also won’t fade or react to chemicals or moisture. You can use Dymo Letratag Plus LT100H tape with confidence. You can even use it to mark those leftovers. Have you ever put meat in the freezer and then ended up throwing it away months later because you weren’t sure how old it was? Don’t waste food. Use labels! Label your food before you place it in the freezer or the fridge. That way you know exactly when you put it in there.
Labeling takes the guesswork out of so many things. Let PtouchDirect help you bring order to your chaos. It’s a good feeling to know where everything is.

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