LetraTag QX50

Dymo LetraTAG QX50 Labels and Tapes

Have you ever spent the morning at work printing labels and putting them onto envelopes to find that they’re too smeared to read? How about painstakingly labeling moving boxes only to discover that all of your labels are peeling off? Well, it’s time to find a permanent solution. There is an easier way to bring order to the chaos and its name is the Dymo Letratag QX50 Tape from PtouchDirect.com.

Dymo Letratag QX50 tape works with the Letratag QX50 printer as well as other Letratag models. Readable professional looking black print will be emblazed across eye-catching colors such as yellow, blue, silver and of course, the traditional white. The tape has a durable adhesive back that will stick easily to a variety of surfaces. Dymo labels are made for everyday wear and tear. They won’t give in to cold temperatures or even heat. You won’t have an issue with fading or scratching either.

Do you play guess how old the leftovers are? Sure, we’ve all been there, trying to remember exactly when the container of pasta went into the fridge. How about how long a piece of meat has been in the freezer? Labels make life so simple and they take the guesswork out of many tasks. With Dymo Letratag QX50 tape, you can easily label the leftovers from tonight’s take out or the fish dad caught. Dymo tape can stand up to the extreme temperatures of the back of the freezer. Forget about the sniff test and read the label.

There are so many uses for Dymo labels that once you start using them you won’t be able to stop. Gone are the science experiments that grow inside the fridge in the faculty room. Put a name and a label on it before putting it into the community refrigerator and you will always know who brought it as well as who left it in there well past its shelf life.

Get ready to be amazed with how easy it is to organize your life with Dymo Letratag QX50 Tape from PtouchDirect.

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