How do you Ptouch? During quarantine!

Posted by Ivy Grover on 03/20/2020

Happy Friday! If you're like many people right now you might be home from work or at a minimum your daily schedules have been rocked. It can be easy for these uneasy days to all blend together. 

When thinking about this weeks blog I had a hard time deciding if we should keep it light or talk about the giant elephant in the room. I've decided to stay true to this blog and as always, keep it real. I think its safe to say that the COVID-19 virus has affected us all in some way. To my readers, I hope you are healthy and practicing social distancing. To our customers, we are here for you! We are working hard to make sure we are keeping up with all of your orders and that we get them to you ask quickly as possible. Our office has been taking extra precautions to stay clean and safe. 

This week we will be focusing on all of the things you can do during quarantine!! Now is the perfect time to get organized and caught up on everything at home. 

Below you will find all kinds of labeling ideas to keep you busy. Since you are home and most of you are ordering online we are offering FREE SHIPPING when you spend $40 or more with us! I mean, you can even label while you Netflix - try it! 

Write letters to your loved ones. Nothing says you're thinking of someone quite like a hand written note. Since you need to be 6 feet away from everyone and traveling is out, grab a pen and paper! You can shop DYMO address labels here or you can shop Seiko address labels here

Label your front door! Safety should always be a priority, especially for your fur-babies! Shop your laminated label tape options here  or click the photo below to shop. 

Now is the perfect time to go through your first aid supplies and perhaps clean out that medicine cabinet! click here to look at your ptouch label options   or click the photo below. 

Label your keys - or get working in the garage! I'm sure you have a tool box, peg board, or like pictured below a key box! click here to get your supplies!  Don't forget, free shipping with orders over $40 

Looking for a house project? Label your light switches! Eliminate the guessing game and add some organization to your life. Click here to see the world of organization

Don't get tangled during quarantine - get organized! The photo below shows you how to use the TZeFX or LMeFX series of tape for flag labels. Click here to shop your flexible label options 

Explore the world of iron on labels. Label your dogs collar (maybe he can deliver a message to your neighbors), your clothing, or whatever you can think of. Click here for your iron on labels! 

Makeup overload? Try organizing your at home beauty department! You might be surprised how much inventory you actually have. Brother labels are here to help. Click here to get started

Stuck at home leaving you feeling sentimental? Time to catch up on your scrap booking! Click here to walk down memory lane

After you finish all of the scrap booking - organize your craft closet or room! Why not? Free shipping over $40 and there are currently huge sales going on for the Label More LMe tape. Click here to create your crafting paradise 

Kids home with you? Leave them little reminders to help the days go smoother (or maybe give them one  of the above projects to keep busy). Featured below are the beautiful TZe labels with our most prized possession (toilet paper!). Click here for the labels NOT for the toilet paper

Now on to the kitchen, after you wash your hands of course! Time to spice up taco night. Click here to spice things up 

Keep your pantry organized by labeling your canisters and food storage. If its good enough for Khole Kardashian - its good enough for us. 

Get your school supplies organized, if not for this year (ugh) get ahead for next year! 

Hopefully you found something on this list to inspire you and keep you busy! 

When you order with us you always have the option for some personalized #packageart and its been great to have the requests keep coming. Several of you have been making the best of the COVID-19 crisis and have even requested this to be in your drawings.. Just when I think I have drawn it all, you surprise me. To go with this weeks theme - here are two drawings inspired by today's current events. 

As scary and unknown as things are right now, we are all in this together. Write to us, tell us what you're labeling, give us your organizational ideas. Email me directly at I'd love to hear from you all! 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep your hands to yourself. 

Until Next Time, 

Your Friends at