Brother PT-D400 / PT-400AD P-touch Label Maker Tapes

Brother PTD400AD series label makers are solid tabletop devices that can be used to easily make personalized, professional-looking labels. This model uses the popular laminated TZe tapes and supports tapes sizes ranging from 9/64” (3.5mm) to ¾” (18mm). Laminated tapes are a great option if you plan on making labels that will be attached to exterior surfaces. These types of tapes will not fade as a result of exposure to UV rays, they are waterproof — including oils and chemicals — and they will not become damaged as a result of scrapes and abrasions occurring through normal wear and tear.

Tapes for this model of label maker are available in assorted colors and tapes that feature acid free adhesive and tapes that can be ironed onto fabric are also options when making labels. In addition to tapes, we carry a large selection of accessories for the PTD400 AD label maker including power adaptors, batteries and carrying cases for the label maker.  We also make it easy to download a free user manual here.

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