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Replaces PT-E100.  Industrial contractors can be more productive and efficient when they use the Brother PT-E110 P-touch Label Maker Ptouch Edge available at PtouchDirect. Why let another cable or faceplate go unlabeled, the PT-E110 is a compact, industrial handheld labeling system that is designed for the contractor and priced to equip the entire crew to label virtually anything when they need it. A QWERTY keyboard, label application keys and smart features help make the PT-E110 as easy to use as to just type and print the right long lasting labels. The PT-E110 utilizes technology with a long history of quality and reliability, and comes with a 2-year limited exchange warranty for the confidence in an industrial tool you can count on.

This p-touch label printer uses Brother's TZe Tapes or HGe tapes (up to 1/2") that come in an easy to load, drop in HGe tape cartridge which contains all the necessary components within the label cartridge to print a laminated p-touch labels. Using an innovative laminating thermal transfer printing engine with smart sensing technology, the labeling system will make automatic imaging settings that helps print a near perfect laminated label every time – including the ability to produce UL recognized labels that withstand fading, abrasion, extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals and moisture.

The contractor's work represents the best in service, quality and performance. As an important element of documenting the job, labels are seen as a thumbprint of professionalism and the Brother laminated labels help make their work look as good as it performs.

Kit includes: The labeler, laminated label tape and a protective carry case. Plus, the labeler carries a 2-year limited exchange factory warranty.  Just add batteries and you’re ready to go.

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Main Features:

  • Standalone label printing system includes display, keyboard and cutter - priced to equip everybody on the team
  • Interactive menu for specific applications and smart technology help reduce key strokes and time to layout and print a label
  • Compact size and light weight - weighs less than 1 lb and is easy to carry onto every job site
  • Large LCD display with application icons - provides at-a-glance information to confidently know you are printing the right type of label
  • Faster print speed - prints up to 0.78 ips which is 2x faster than previous Brother TZ tape models
  • Uses HGe and TZe tape - all in one, drop in cartridge design helps ensure you get the best print quality and makes replacing media virtually trouble free
  • Smart layout technology - smart media sensing technology automatically picks the right layout settings to just type and print a label
  • Prints polyester (PET) laminated labels - extremely durable labels that can withstand abrasion, fading, extreme temperatures, chemicals, moisture and other harsh conditions
  • Comes as a kit at the price of just an industrial labeling system - comes with labeling system, protective carrying case and TZeS221 laminated label tape (8m)
TYPE: Handheld
TYPE: PTE Industrial
TZe Tape Sizes: 9/64", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" (3.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm)
Batteries: 6 "AAA" Alkaline (not included)
Maximum Print Resolution: 180 x 180 dpi (7 x 7 dots/mm)
LABEL TYPES: TZe: up to 1/2
Tape Length: 26.2'
Tape Material: Laminated
Cutter: Manual
Keyboard: QWERTY
AC Adapter: AD-24ES (Optional)
LCD: Graphic 15 characters x 1 line (128 x 16 dots)
Print Speed: 20 mm/sec (battery or optional AC adapter)
Maximum Print Lines: 2
Rotate Printing: Yes
Mirror Printing: No
Vertical Printing: Yes
Number of Fonts: 1
Type Sizes: 3 (Small, Medium, Large)
Number of Styles: 9
Auto Formats: Yes
Number of Symbols: 200 Industrial
Multi-copy Print: up to 9 copies
Date Time Stamp: No
Text Insert: Yes
Memory: Up to 9 Labels
Label Length Setting: Yes
Included Items: PT-E110, TZeS221 3/8" Black on White Extra Strength Tape, Custom Carrying Case
Housing Weight: 0.86 lbs.
UPC Code: 012502647300
Housing Color: Black / Orange
Warranty: 2 Year Limited Exchange - visit for complete details

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