Brother PT80 P-touch Label Maker Tapes

Considered a personal labeler by Brother, the PT80 label maker is a handheld device that can print labels in six sizes and has nine type styles. This model uses M series tapes and we have a large selection available for this label maker. M series tapes are non-laminated and are made with a standard strength adhesive. As a result, labels made using this series of tapes are best suited for home, indoor applications. Label placement should be on flat surfaces and labels made using this tape are ideal for file folders, school projects and jobs that require basic labeling.

These tapes are available in ½” (12mm) and 3/8” (9mm) sizes. Be sure to confirm the compatibility of the tapes that you select with your PT80 label maker. The PT80 is discontinued but if you're looking for a new printer, we have many available, for a complete list, just visit our p-touch printer page or if you're looking for a User Manual you can Download the PT-80 User Manual here.


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