Brother PT-P700 P-touch Label Printer Tapes

Brother PTP700 label printers are work horses when it comes to label making. These printers can be connected to PCs and Macs via USB cable, allowing you to compose labels from a template with the final product downloaded to the printer. This label maker uses the popular TZe laminated tapes and PtouchDirect has a large selection of tapes in assorted colors. The PTP700 supports tapes in sizes 1” (24mm), ¾” (18mm), ½” (12mm), 3/8” (9mm), ¼” (6mm) and 9/64” (3.5mm).

Laminated TZe tapes stick to virtually any surface and can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. The laminate protects labels from fading as a result of exposure to UV rays and labels made using these tapes are water resistant and can repel chemicals and oils. Labels made from these tapes will also stay on in hot and cold environments, allowing you to attach labels to containers that are placed in the freezer. These containers can then be placed in a microwave for heating without fear of the label being compromised. In addition to TZe tapes for the PTP700, accessories including power adaptors and PTP700 units are also available.

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