Brother QL500 Label Printer Supplies

Open up a whole new world for yourself when you make the decision to organize your personal and professional life. Once you discover the joys of labeling the many facets of your home and office, you won’t look back. PtouchDirect.com can help you get started by introducing you to the Brother Ptouch® QL500 Label Printer Supplies. 

The wonderful array of pre-sized address and packaging labels can be used in your printer or indulge in a Brother Die-Cut PC QL500. Either way, you will get professional looking labels that will stand the test of time and temperature. Don’t fret about walking into the storage room at your store and seeing all your labels on the floor or peeling off. It simply won’t happen with the QL500 line. These labels are designed to adhere to a variety of surfaces and aren’t deterred by extreme temperatures or moisture.

Regardless of the job, Brother Ptouch® has the label. Die-cut labels are pre-sized and come in drop-in label rolls that work with your printer. They come in standard shapes and sizes that will work for pretty much any office-related job. From addresses to packages to CDs and DVDs, the QL500 has the correct size label to get the job done. If you need labels that aren’t the usual size, use Brother Ptouch® QL500 label tapes instead. They can be adjusted to suit different lengths. Choose from white, clear or attention-getting yellow. The QL500 line also has removable paper tape labels with warning words like caution or fragile. If you need to peel them off, they don’t leave a sticky residue behind.

Regardless of your label needs, PtouchDirect has everything you need to mark it. Think outside of the box when it comes to labeling. Labels take the guesswork out of basement and attic storage. They can even bring order to your freezer if you let them.

Brother Die-Cut DK Labels: Brother offers die-cut (pre-sized) drop-in label rolls for your convenience. These pre-sized labels are cut into common label shapes used for mailing and in the office environment.

Brother Continuous Length DK Paper / Film Labels: Brother offers continuous drop-in DK tape and DK label rolls for added flexibility, so that the label length can be determined by the user.

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