Brother TZe-N201 9/64 In. Black On White Super Narrow P-touch Tape

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Brand: Brother TZe

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Brother TZe-N201 Super Narrow Non-Laminated P-touch Tape, 9/64 In. X 26.2 Ft., Black On White label maker tape.  For super-narrow Brother P-touch® label printer tape at its best, the Brother TZe-N201 9/64 In. Black On White P-touch® Tape remains an outstanding option. And with, you can find the Brother TZe-N201 9/64 In. Black On White P-touch® Tape whenever you need it.

Brother TZeN201 9/64 In. Black On White P-touch® Tape offers a superior option for those who want to label CD and DVD cases. It performs beautifully on flat, narrow surfaces, making it a preferred non-laminated tape choice for indoor use. Furthermore, at, we supply the Brother TZe-N201 9/64 In. Black On White P-touch® Tape that is of the highest quality - Genuine OEM Brother products only. We also will ensure that you can find the right label printer tape any time you visit our website. When it comes to Brother TZe-N201 9/64 In. Black On White P-touch® Tape, we'll guarantee that this tape meets all of your label making needs, too.

Ready to take your label making to new heights? Visit, a dependable supplier of Brother P-touch® Tapes and other top-notch Brother P-touch® label printer products and accessories.

TZeN201 - 9/64" (3.5 mm) P-touch Label Instructions (now included with tape) Precautions:

  • With some p-touch printer models (not specifically designed for the TZN201 tape), even with the smallest character size specified, the printed text may extend off the width of the tape.  In this case, the TZN201 cannot be used.  Please see below to ensure your printer is compatible.
  • Depending on the font, character size and character style, the printed text may extend off the edge of the tape.  In addition, do not print frames or multiple lines of text.
  • Depending on the environmental conditions and the material that the tape is attached to, the tape may become discolored, peel off, leave a residue after being removed, discolor or damage the surface that it was attached to, or become difficult to remove.  Test the tape on an inconspicuous area of the intended surface before attaching the label.
  • Do not affix the tape to skin

For use with: PT-1010R, PT-1130, PT-1170, PT-1810, PT-1880W, PT-1910, PT-1950, PT-2030AD, PT-2030VP, PT-2110, PT-2410, PT-2700, PT-540, PT-9800PCN, PT-E100, PT-H300LI, PT-1280, PT-1890C, PT-1890SC, PT-1890W, PT-1960, PT-2730, PT-310, PT-320, PT-520, PT-D400, PT-D450, PT-D600, PT-E800W, PT-1010, PT-1160, PT-11Q, PT-1290, PT-1500PC, PT-1750, PT-1880C, PT-2200, PT-2310, PT-330, PT-D200SA, PT-H100, PT-H500LI, PT-1010NB, PT-1010S, PT-1200, PT-1830, PT-2400, PT-2610, PT-E110, PT-H300, ST-1150, PT-1090BK, PT-1280VP, PT-1830C, PT-1880SC, PT-2710, PT-9500PC, PT-D200, PT-D800W, PT-E500, P-touch CUBE, White, PT-P900W, ST-1150DX, ST-5, PT-1090, PT-1300, PT-1800, PT-1830VP, PT-1900, PT-2300, PT-2730VP, PT-350, PT-580C, PT-6100, PT-D200BT, PT-D200G, PT-P900, PT-P950NW, PT-1010B, PT-1100, PT-1180, PT-1190, PT-1230PC, PT-1280SR, PT-128AF, PT-1290RS, PT-1600, PT-1830SC, PT-200, PT-2030, PT-2430PC, PT-2600, PT-300, PT-300B, PT-310B, PT-D200MA, PT-D210, PT-D220, PT-E300, PT-E550W, PT-H110, PT-P700, PT-P750WVP, PT-1000, PT-1500, PT-1700, PT-2100, PT-2210, PT-2500PC, PT-340, PT-7100, PT-9200PC, PT-9700PC, PT-D200DA, PT-D400AD, PT-D400VP, PT-D600VP, P-touch CUBE, Blue, PT-P750W 

TYPE: TZe Non-Laminated
SIZE: 9/64" (3.5mm)
LENGTH: 26.2' (8m)
COLOR: Black On White
UPC: 12502537816
UNSPSC: 55121611

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