Compatible Brother M Tapes - Size and Color Guide

We created this LM Tape guide to help you quickly find the right replacement tape for the job.  Like Brother M Tapes, the replacement LM Tapes are made for indoor use and should be applied to smooth, flat & dry surfaces.

Replacement M Tapes
26.2' Long 3/8"
Black on Clear LM-M121 LM-M131
Black on White LM-M221 LM-M231
Black on Green LM-M721 LM-M731
Black on Blue LM-M521 LM-M531
Black on Red LM-M421 LM-M431
Black on Yellow LM-M621 LM-M631
Black on Gold LM-M821 LM-M831 


LM Tape Compatibility
PT45MPT55BM, PT55S, PT65, PT65SB, PT70, PT80, PT85, PT90, PT100, PT110PTM95

Replacement Brother M Tape Color & Size Guide