Brother TZe-SE4 3/4 In. Black On White Security P-touch Tape

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Unfortunately, business owners do need to guard against theft and tampering. With the Brother Ptouch® TZe-SE4 Security Tape from, you can have a little more piece of mind. The ¾” (18mm) tape has all the same fabulous features of Brother P-touch labels and tapes with one important addition. If the black print on tape is removed, it will leave behind a checked pattern on the item as well as the tape, alerting you that it has been tampered with.

This feature is ideal for labels used on computers and other electronic devices as well as furniture and other company and even school property. If you need to seal certain boxes or file cabinets for security purposes, the TZeSE4 will let you know if someone has been snooping as to the contents inside. The security tape is also great for equipment that must be marked after calibration.

When security is on the agenda, engage Brother Ptouch® TZSE4 Security Tape. Sometimes big brother does need to watch all the time.

Security pattern appears if removed, perfect for labeling:

  • Computers / electronic devices
  • Furniture & other company property
  • Equipment after calibration
  • Items sealed for security
  • ...and just about anything else you can think of!
The TZ-SE4 p-touch security TZ tape features an exclusive laminated tape process and a special tell-tale adhesive. If the label is removed, a checkerboard pattern is left behind on the item and also on the tape making it obvious that someone has tampered with the label. Primarily used for property security applications.
TYPE: TZe Tamper Evident
SIZE: 3/4" (18mm)
LENGTH: 26.2' (8m)
COLOR: Black On White
UPC: 12502054139
UNSPSC: 55121611

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