12mm TZe variety color pack

9 Tape Variety Pack! Pick ANY 9 Brother TZe 1/2" P-touch Label Maker Tapes.

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Choose ANY 9 Genuine Brother Tapes - you can pick all the same, all different or any combination you want!

The TZe 1/2" (12mm) Color Variety Pack lets you choose 9 different (or the same) colored Tapes. These laminated label tapes are all 1/2" (12mm) and used all Brother P-touch Label Makers that use TZe Series tape. Brother TZe p-touch tapes are laminated and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can even use it to label food items in the freezer or microwave.  When you purchase this variety pack you'll have every color you need, when you need it.

Choose 9 from the following following listed above:

TZE131 (Black on Clear) - 26.2' long
TZE135 (White on Clear) - 26.2' long
TZE231 (Black on White) - 26.2' long
TZE232 (Red on White) - 26.2' long
TZE334 (Gold on Black) - 26.2' long
TZE335 (White on Black) - 26.2' long
TZE631 (Black on Yellow) - 26.2' long
TZEMQ835 (White on Satin Gold) - 16.4' long
TZEMQ934 (Gold on Satin Silver) - 16.4' long
TZEMQG35 (White on Lime Green) - 16.4' long
TZEMQP35 (White on Berry Pink) - 16.4' long

Contains: TZE131, TZE135, TZE231, TZE232, TZE334, TZE335, TZE631, TZEMQG35, TZEMQP35
SIZE: 1/2" (12mm)
COLOR: Variety Pack
TYPE: TZe Standard
For Use: Indoor & Outdoor Applications
Withstands: Abrasions, Hot & Cold, Spills, UV
Split Backing: Yes
Thermal TZe Labels: No Ink Or Toner Required!
Temperature Resistant: -112° (-80°C) To 356° (150°C)

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